Quizzo Bowl Update

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We are sold out completely. If anyone cancels last minute (hey, it’s happened before) I’ll get back in touch with teams who have contacted me in the order they reached out.

For teams that do have tickets, here’s the deal: doors open at 7 p.m. It’s first come, first serve on tables, so the earlier you get there the better shot you have of picking your table. Action will start at 8 p.m. And you know me: I LIKE TO BE PROMPT! No, but seriously, I’d like to start as close to 8 as possible, so get in there and get your butts in your seats.

As far as the theme, I would definitely expect some British questions, but the entire quiz will not be about England (or the British Invasion). It’ll be across the board, lots of topics, a few special guests, and a special Chip Chantry video round.

And a reminder that this will not be a usual 1 hour, 45 minute quiz. These things tend to run about 3 hours, 15 minutes (though no guarantees on time either way). But that’s fine: it’s a Saturday night, it’s a big night out for all of us. Settle in, relax, and as we say down South: “kick it on back”. The band is gonna be great, the questions should be fun, several gift certificates to give away, Fastball Bob will be there, it’s going to be ridiculous.

As far as an afterparty, I figured that this year we’d keep it simple: we’ll just move it upstairs. Instead of all trying to take a cab somewhere and gulp some drinks down before last call, why don’t we just go upstairs at World Cafe and chill for a couple of hours?

The trophy has been picked up, the questions are done, uh, getting there, and I think we’re gonna have a fine time. If you’re gonna tweet about the event tonight, use the hashtag #Quizzobowl. I’ll be tweeting here today and tonight before, during, and after the event. If you have any questions or concerns, post them below in comments. Thanks! -JGT

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