JGTAI Scores Less Than a Week to Play!


Well here they are, with just a week of the regular season remaining (does not account for last night at Sidecar, but that won’t change much). There is still a lot of opportunity for movement down the stretch, however. First of all, this week will be a DOUBLE POINTS WEEK, so you can make up a lot of ground quickly. Wins will be worth 10 points, 2nd place worth 6. Tons of opportunity here, with several venues where things are wide open. Furthermore, there are also points to be gained on Facebook, as I have posted not one but two opportunities for points this week.

As for the Big Event itself, it will take place on November 13th at 5:30 at Mission Taqueria. Hope to have the band signed by the end of the day. Going to be great event, so get your team in gear this week and lock down that invite!

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