National Poetry Day

Since today is #Nationalpoetryday, and I think that most of the best poets in America right now are hip hop artists, I wanna share this incredible verse from a rapper over in Camden, Mir Fontane. Great poetry takes the reader places they wouldn’t ordinarily go, and this song does a terrific job of doing that. Paints a picture of his neighborhood in one verse better than any newscast I’ve ever seen.

Why Vicky gettin’ money cause he got a little set now
Shae lost her baby so she back smokin that wet now
Pooh got booked I heard he working with the Feds now
til Tony caught him slippin’ shoulda never turned his head round
Keisha still f*ck around with crackhead James
Heard he sold a flat screen so he could buy more caine
And Jermaine sit on the block and it’s a shame cause he smart
His momma crying every day and say he breakin’ her heart
The whole hood shed tears when they heard Diggs got killed
It’s been two whole years and ain’t no bids got dealt
A n*gga that I called my homie f*cked around and changed on me
Pulled the heat from off his hip and tried to make it rain on me
This what y’all call hell but this what I call home
And I’ma grind it til I get it, once I get it, I’m gone
White folks want drugs, so they come & spend they bucks here
But they ain’t got no bus fare, now them n*ggas stuck here.

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