Quizzo for the Cause: Minds Matter


Thrilled about the fundraiser we’re doing this week as Quizzo for the Cause. We’re going to be doing 50/50 raffles all week to help raise money for this terrific cause, and I highly encourage you will donate. I spoke with one of the volunteers at Minds Matter , Ross Stewart, about the program, and why it’s such a great charity for us to get involved with. (If you can’t make it quizzo but would like to donate, you can do so here)

1) Tell us a bit more about Minds Matter. What is it, and what do they do? Minds Matter is a college access, mentoring program for highly-motivated Philadelphia high school students coming from low-income families. Each student is paired with 2 adult mentors. The entire group meets every Saturday for 4 hours from Sophomore through Senior year. During sessions, students receive SAT preparation, college skill workshops, and help with college and financial aid applications. In addition to Saturday session, MindsMatter funds each student to attend 2 college summer programs.

2) How did you get involved with the organization? I was approached by our former President almost 6 years ago when he was founding the organization in Philadelphia. He was a mentor for Minds Matter NYC and realized when he moved to Philly that we could also use this program.

3) When and why was it founded? Minds Matter New York was the first chapter, founded in 1991 by by six Wall Street professionals who understood that the gap in low-income student achievement is not one of intelligence, but resources. Other Minds Matter chapters have been popping up all over the country ever since. Minds Matter Philly was founded in 2011.

4) How do we know that the program has been effective? 100% of our students have been accepted into four-year colleges. Our students are currently attending (and thriving at) UPenn, Temple, Drexel, Swarthmore, UPitt… just to name a few.

5) How will the money raised be used? Our organization is made up of 100% volunteers. We have no paid employees, therefore all money raised goes right back to the students. Donations allow us to send our students to summer programs at colleges and universities all over the world, as well as provide SAT tutoring and Saturday mentoring sessions.

So come on out to quizzo this week to not only have our usual chicanery but to also help make a difference in your community.

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