$300 Worth of Prizes Up for Grabs in the JGT Bracket-tacular, Brought to You by Shibe Sports

Double Dribble 2

One of my favorite traditions on the JGT calendar, it’s time to kick off the JGT Bracket-tacular Brought to You By Shibe Sports. (To help make it go viral, please use the hashtag #12thannualJGTbrackettacularbroughtotyoubyShibeSports).

You can fill out your brackets here. We’ve got some great prizes to give away this year, including:

1st Place: $100 gift certificate to Shibe Sports and a $50 gift cert to Milkboy. At Shibe, we will be having a “Shoot for Savings Sale”, where if you hit a 3-pointer, you get 30% off your purchase! You can also get our great Palestra shirt with free shipping by using the code “madness”.

As for Milkboy, it’s simply one of the best bars in the city. A terrific selection of beer, the gate doors open when it gets warm outside, and be sure to try the Korean BBQ Steak Sandwich. They are also opening a 2nd location soon on South Street.

2nd Place: $50 gift cert to O’Neals, which is where a bunch of us gather the first Friday afternoon of each tournament and watch the games. It’s a great tradition, and if any of you want to join us, please feel free. Great service, every single game  on their various TVs, and always good specials.

3rd Place: $25 gift certificate to Locust Rendezvous. The Vous’ status as one of the best places in Philadelphia to watch a game is pretty firmly established at this point.

25th Place: $25 Gift Certificate to Founding Fathers. No bar in town has a higher percentage of their wall covered with TVs, and at tournament time it is a great place to grab the Philadelphia Athletic Club Tacos (which are terrific, and which I came up with the name for) and a cold beer and watch the games.

50th Place: $50 gift certificates to City Tap House. Another great place to watch the games and drink some incredible beers, with over 60 different beers on tap at any given time.

Free to enter, and lots of great prizes on the line!


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