Quizzo Tonight

You know how we do…quizzo starts at Industry at 6:30 sharp. Hahaha, just kidding about the sharp part. But roughly 6:30. $3 craft beers, excellent food, and terrific service. Speaking of service, Riley and I are talking about switching up jobs again one week soon. But I want to make sure it’s a week we have a packed house. I want to run around like a madman, scream at Dave, and storm out in a huff. Let’s make that happen!

Where were we? Ah yes, quizzo at Bards at 9:15. I hardly even need to promote this one any more. People hanging from the rafters the past few weeks. Mayhem! Outrage! Chaos!* So come on out to see the spectacle.

*None of this is true. I just think it sounds cool.

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