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The new This Week in Worthless Knowledge podcast is up. You can download it here on itunes, or you can listen here on Nat’s blog if you don’t use itunes. We’ve worked out some audio tweaks, and I think the show is really getting funny. We talked about Charles van Doren, and how much I would need to be offered to cheat on Jeopardy (and how doing so would ruin my quizzo career). We also discussed Guy Fawkes, Vlad the Impaler, what animal you’d take into space, and why our wives don’t listen to our podcast. ┬áIf you haven’t already, be sure to like us on Facebook as well.

And a quick favor to ask: if you enjoy the podcast, please leave a review on itunes. As an added (shameless) bonus, I will give 3 points in the JGTAI to any player who posts a review on itunes. At the very least, please give it a 5-star rating on there. Thanks, and hope you enjoy it!

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