JGT Scores After Three Weeks


Ok, things are starting to get interesting after 3 weeks. Some of the usual suspects at the top of the list, but a few newcomers making a name for themselves. If the season ended today, In the Lead, First at 2 Last at 4, The Turds, and even Let Anna Rock You (the Industry staff team) would make the cut. And there is a new photo challenge on facebook that could really move some teams around by next week.

As for the Big Event, it will be held on November 22nd and feature music from the John Train band. Venue to be announced shortly.

Next week is Animals Week. All questions will be about animals, as we raise money for PAWS. More details coming soon. I will be offering triple JGTAI points at Industry next Thursday. Basically, you win there and you earn an invite. Lots of things going down. Hope to see ya next week!

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