A Note on North Star


Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the closing of North Star (understandably). Here is where we stand as of now: they are going to be closing for a couple of weeks for renovations, as well as changing the concept and the name. I have not yet confirmed that I will be returning there when they re-open, but as of now that is the plan.

Regardless, assuming I decide to keep an 8th quiz (will have to talk that one over with the wife), I will be staying in the neighborhood. We’ve got a great crew of regulars and we’re not gonna leave that hood . Once I talk to the new owner, I’ll have a better idea of what the game plan is, but just wanted to make sure that the regulars at North Star knew that if we miss a couple of weeks there, it will only be temporary. I will either be coming back with the new bar or I will find another spot in the same hood (or, on the off chance I do decide to stay home on Mondays, I will have a solid replacement lined up to do my quiz. Franchising!)

Finally, I am going to miss working with the North Star crew. Steven, Erin, and Steph have been a pleasure to work with, and I know everyone liked the entire Monday Night “team”, not just the quiz. Best wishes to all of them moving forward (Steph has actually started to do some artwork for Shibe, so we’ll stay in touch.) Alright, as soon as I have more updates, I will keep you guys informed.

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