Pics and Scores of Last Week’s Winners

One of the highlights of the Sandman hosting quizzo is that while he a brilliant man, a very good quizzo fill-in, and a great friend, he is, without a doubt, the worst photographer I have ever met in my life. His photos are almost performance art. He certainly didn’t disappoint this week. The Industry pic is a personal favorite.
  1. Inkspot 97
  2. O’Trivia Newton Jawns 92
  3. I Wish This Microphone Were a Big, Black, Clock (bar team) 90
  1. I Just Got My Phone Stolen (In The Lead) 109
  2. There Is No “I” In Quizzo 101
  3. Stand Up Strumpets 90
  1. Pope Jawn II (Savage Ear, I think) 113
  2. The Man In The Moobs 108
  3. Vote 4 Deez Nutz 96
CIty Tap House
  1. Underground Bard 116
  2. Wheeeeeeere’s Johnny? 94
  3. Ukraine In The Membrane 90
  1. Synchronized Trampoline 108
  2. CRABCAKES!!!!!!! 91
  3. Not Something Offensive 88
Founding Fathers
  1. Duane’s World 118
  2. 21 To Drink, 6 Figures to Sleep Over 112
  3. 19 Hookers And Counting 111 
  1. Tempura House 115
  2. Pine Barons 105
  3. Why Can’t Us? 104
  1. The Specific Jawns  116
  2. CGA 108
  3. Bill Cosby Jell-O Shots 100


One thought on “Pics and Scores of Last Week’s Winners

  1. I think the problem is that he doesn’t know how to use the flash. But looking closer at that Industry shot, I’m just as happy that it cannot be seen

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