JGTSI Scores Are Posted! (Finally!)


Finally got around to adding all your points up over the past month, and here are the results, straight off the presses. Now, if anyone was out our Anniversary event last week and I forgot to put you on there, let me know. I think I got everyone but I’m not sure. Anyways, look at your score and let me know if I’ve flubbed anything.

So here’s our situation with three weeks left in the regular season (Big Event will be held on August 16th. Venue and band info coming soon). We’ve got some usual suspects at the top of the board, but we’ve also got a few new teams making a name for themselves. Game Blouses, Pop Shop, 21 to Drink, and Shades of Death are all making a run. Can they keep it up this week?

If you’re looking to get a win, your best bet is the Industry. We have a new winner nearly every week. I’ll also be offering double points there this week.

Also, there is a new opportunity to JGTSI Bonus Points on Facebook. An easy way to get in the mix if you’re not already there.

Get your team in gear for the home stretch, and I’ll see ya this week!


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