Dude Hates Cancer Week Wraps Up Tonight; Over $1000 Raised So Far


In 6 quizzes we’ve raised over $1000 for The Dude Hates Cancer. Really honored to be part of such a giving community. So far O’Neals has been the most generous, with $200 raised. Can the Industry or Bards top them tonight?

We start at Industry at 6:30 p.m. We were rocking and rolling last week, let’s keep the party going this week as well. As always, terrific food and excellent craft beer specials. And probably our most winnable quiz, with a new team taking the title nearly every week.

On to Bards at 9:15 p.m. $3 Lagers and assorted nonsense.

The JGTSI venue has been confirmed…Urban Saloon on August 16th. More details coming soon.

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