Quizzo Tonight!

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Well this it, your last shot at glory on Sunday. We’ve actually had four wild card winners in 5 quizzes so far this week. This Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll quiz is hard, I’ll warn you now, but that seems to be a great equalizer.

We kick it off at Industry at 6:30. You know the deal: great food, $3 craft beers, terrific service. Really just an awesome place to quiz.

On to the Bards at 9:15. It’s been rather wide open lately. Anybody’s ballgame. Great shot of earning a win. And it’s a new quiz, so if you played on Monday or Tuesday and want a second shot at making Sunday’s Big Event, you can play again tonight. See ya soon!

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One thought on “Quizzo Tonight!

  1. Worst Trivia ever! You need to research the meaning of Trivia. Watch Jeopardy, play Trivia Pursuit. I’m happy to say I ended up in your last five tonight. I feel so smart for failing your trivia! Had I won, it would mean I’ve watched TMZ and read People Magazine endlessly for the past 10 years! Not one intelligent question asked. You need to rename your gig as “Pop Trivia” because that’s all it is.

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