Tonight, JGT Will Dive from Over 80-Feet Above the Industry Bar

Inspired by this video he watched earlier today, Johnny will fearlessly jump from a makeshift diving board over 80 feet above the Industry into a kiddie pool. “I plan on standing on my hands and then performing a flawless dive into a shallow pool of water. Either that, or I will be fearlessly asking trivia questions into a microphone. I haven’t decided which.”

So be sure to show at Industry at 6:30 to find out if Johnny is going to do a handstand at 80 feet above the ground (or maybe just ask some trivia questions.) Great craft beer specials each week, and of course terrific food. On to the Bards at 9:15 p.m. (assuming Johnny survives his death defying dive!) $3 Lagers. Hope to see you tonight!

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