JGTSpI Updates


Some interesting developments in the JGTSpI. Here are your scores (this doesn’t include last nights action). Inkspot has taken a commanding 11 point lead halfway through the season. After them, there is a glut of teams vying for the remaining spots. Teams in yellow are up for a bonus prize to be given out the night of the Big Event. The Big Event will be Sunday, May 24th at the City Tap House (outdoors if the weather is nice).

There is a very fun and rather simple Bonus Challenge up on the JGT Facebook page right now. An easy way for teams to earn up to 5 bonus points in the event. I highly recommend you get on it.

Looking to score more points? I’d say that things are pretty up in the air at both spots tonight, O’Neals and the City Tap House. Might wanna slide into one of them to make the magic happen. See ya this week!

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