Everything You Need to Know About the JGTSI V


WHO: Teams that earned an invite by scoring the most points over the past 8 weeks, as well as teams that earned a wild card slot.

WHAT: The 5th Annual Summer Invitational,  one of the four majors on the JGT Quizzo Circuit. (the others being Autumn and Spring Invitationals, as well as Quizzo Bowl).

WHEN: Sunday, August 24th at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Field House (1150 Filbert).

WHY: Why not? A great chance for the regulars to get together, have a few cold ones, answer a few question, and listen to some good tunes.

DID YOU SAY TUNES? Yes, the Tom Moon Trio will be playing jazz between rounds.

WHAT’S THE COVER? $10 a pop. PER TEAM? No, per person. Gotta pay for the band and for prizes. It’ll be well worth it.

WILL IT BE FUN? Gee, I dunno, quizzo, live music, great drink and food specials, big prizes…Of course it will be fun!

WHAT’S THE TEAM MAX? 8 players.

I WANNA GO BUT DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT. CAN I? Yes! You can’t bring a full team but several teams will be short of 8 players, so if you and a friend or two want to attend, I’d be happy to team you up with a crew that needs a couple of players.

WHAT ABOUT ETERNAL GLORY? IS THERE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ETERNAL GLORY? Of course there is. Here are the previous four JGTSI winners:

2010: Steak Em Up 

2011: Specific Jawns

2012: Popesack

2013: Popesack

Ok, so here’s the latest look at the RSVPs.


  • Duane’s World 
  • #1 Government Team Competitor
  • Jitney Spears
  • Popesack
  • Inkspot
  • But My Mom Says I’m Cool
  • Exhausted Nihilists
  • The Champs
  • Must Love Pogs
  • Underground Bard
  • In the Lead
  • Shadynasty


  • Savage Ear
  • Stillmaniacs
  • Serbian Donkey Cheese

Lemme know either way by emailing me at johnny @ johnnygoodtimes . com.

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