JGTSI Scores After Four Weeks


Here are the scores after 4 weeks of the JGTSI. A few things worth noting:

-this week at O’Neals will be a double points week. 10 points for winning, 6 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd. A lot of parity at O’Neals, so a great chance to earn points.

-your other best shot to get a win? Probably Industry. Pretty much a different winning team every week.

-I will also be posting trivia questions on the JGT Quizzo Facebook page for points.

-The Big Event will be held on August 24th. So there are 4 more weeks of the regular season and then a wild card week before the big event. Still time to make a move but you better make sure your team gets on the board this week.

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