So What the Hell is a Chinese Auction?


As I’ve been talking to people about our big weekend coming up, the first question that people keep asking is a good one: what the hell is a Chinese auction? Truth be told, I just found out what it was this week. Here’s how it will work at our event:

When you arrive at Milkboy on Sunday at 5, you’ll be given several raffle ticketsĀ (you can earn more tickets by buying shirts, hats, etc). There will be several shirts, hats, etc. from our store to bid on. But you’ll be bidding on things that might happen in the soccer match. For instance, you can drop your ticket in front of a bowl that reads “US scores first” (and maybe the prize is a US soccer shirt). Another bowl will read “0-0 tie at half”,with an A’s hat as the prize, etc. You’ll decide what to put your tickets on, and then if those things happen, we draw a ticket to see who wins. Should add a little bit of extra excitement to what is already gonna be an exciting match. We’ll be watching on a 10′ big screen, and playing Lee Greenwood every time the Americans score. Oh right, and $5 sangria and $3 pounders of Narragansett and Miller High Life. Hope you can join us!

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