Quite Simply The Funnest Thing Happening in Philly This Saturday

If you like drinking beer, hanging out with your friends, playing games and wrapping it all up with a huge water balloon fight, then I’ve got just the activity for you. We’re kicking off beer week with an event that is right up there with Quizzo Bowl for most fun event I do all year. And the weather as of now is looking PERFECT.

There is simply no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Ask anyone who has played in the past. We’ll be playing some Can Jam, some cornhole, some “Name That Beer”, and some beer pong, then wrapping it up with the INSANE water balloon relay and karaoke. Also gonna be great beer and food specials. And it’s all free of charge. Teams of 4 players, but if you can’t get 4, don’t sweat it, we’ll find you some teammates. Trust me on this one: there is nothing happening in Philly this Saturday that is more fun than this. Guaranteed.


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