Cheaters Quiz This Friday Happy Hour!


Gonna do something funky this Friday…gonna do a fundraiser for the Regional Housing Legal Services, a non-profit that works to preserve and increase the availability of affordable shelter for Pennsylvania’s very low-income populations. We’re gonna do it at Field House (1150 Filbert), so some of you teams planning to play in the invitational the next weekend could get the lay of the land. There will be happy hour food and drink specials.

Action starts at 6 p.m. and it’s a $5 entry. And it comes with a twist…I am going to allow teams to cheat (And no, the quiz is not going to be questions on the show Cheaters). Well, sort of. You can pay to cheat…there will be a price for using your phone for 30 seconds, a price for me giving you a hint, and a price for me giving you multiple choice answers. I did this at a fundraiser a few years ago, and it was A LOT of fun. Totally different than any quiz I’ve ever hosted, it really evens the playing field, and the money raised goes to a great cause.

Also, the winner will earn an automatic invite to the Invitational. Gonna be a really fun activity for Friday Happy Hour. I hope some of you guys can make it out.

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