JGT Invitational Scores After Two Weeks


Here’s our scores after two weeks of the JGT Invitational. A few things of note: Inkspot leads despite not having won yet. They post on twitter each week before, during or after quizzo, and teams earn a point each time they tweet about JGT Quizzo. ┬áIt’s an easy way to start earning points. They were also helped by the fact that opening night of the Invitational was a double points night, and they wore a lot of green for St. Patty’s Day last week. That’s why teams at the top are from North Star and Sidecar. Don’t worry, teams from other bars, your time is coming. This week’s double points night is Tuesday, at O’Neals and City Tap House. 10 points for the winners, 6 points for 2nd, and 2 points for 3rd.

As for the Invitational itself, it will be held at Field House on Sunday, May 18th. More details coming soon.

If you haven’t scored yet, don’t sweat it. Tons of time to get on the scoreboard. It’s a ten week season, and lots of opportunities to score points coming up. In fact, there has just been a physical challenge posted on the facebook page. An easy way to score 6 quick points.


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