$200 Worth of Prizes in the Shibe Bracket Challenge

shibe bracket.jpg

It’s time for the annual tradition of the JGT Bracket-tacular. Click here to get get started. (If you don’t have a Yahoo account already, it takes about 30 seconds to create one)

This year we’re doing it through Shibe Sports, the sports store some friends and I opened on 13th Street. (I’ll have more details on the store in the next couple of weeks. Gonna do our big redesign in early April, after which I’ll be promoting the ¬†hell out of it.) Got gift certificates to give away to Milkboy, Industry, and Sidecar as prizes, as well as a $75 gift certificate to Shibe and a $25 gift certificate to Kermit’s Bake Shoppe for the first place team. And yes, there will be a 50th place prize again this year. So be sure to get your brackets filled out before Thursday at noon!

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