JGTAI Scores with One Night Left to Play


For several teams, tonight is the night. They will either earn an invite or blow their chance. The updated, current scores of teams who still have a shot of earning an invite are below. Teams in blue would make the cut if the season ended today, teams in black would not. That said, teams near the bottom in blue may want to play tonight to make sure they stay on the list.

Keep in mind two things: this is double points week, so a victory is worth 10 and 2) Industry is the most wide open quiz on the circuit, with no dominant team. If you are hoping to earn an invite, be there tonight at 6:30 (though let’s be honest it really doesn’t start until 6:45). It’s that simple. Bards is a bit more challenging, as you need to get by the Jesters, but they lost last week, so it is possible. Action starts there at 9 p.m. $3 beers at both spots. See you tonight!

Savage Ear 45
Blazing Sea Nuggets 37
Underground Bard 36
Inkspot 33
Mapother 31
Duane’s World 30
Careless Fister 28
Ruby Tuesdays 27
Hooter and Chuff 26
L Ron Hubbard 25
Jesters of Tortuga 25
Sidecardigans 22
Popesack 21
Tempura House 21
SYnchronized Trampoline 19
FInish 4th 18
Why Can’t Us 17
Always Fifth 17
The Champs 15
#2ndplace 15
Kenyan Shopping 14
The Jams 13
Exhausted Nihilists 13
Get Big Get Bitches 12
RMC Speedwagon 10
Marshall Tito 10
Kitty Bombardment 10
Bears Are Scared 9
Twerkshop 9
Jitmey Spears 9
New and Improved Team Name 8
Missing Heads 7
Electric Mayhem 7
Skeleton Steve 7
Avenue Hustlaz 6
PC Pretty Please 6
Queen my Dishes 6
Sharktoberfest 6
Hallowinners 6
Son of Lee Marvin 6
German Bridges 5
Quizzon My Face 5
Look Up Look Down 5

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