If You Are Crazy Enough to Shop on Black Friday, And You Love the Phillies…

l.jpg…then I’ve got good news. I recently made a small investment in a clothing store called Pro League Authentics, located on 13th Street, between Walnut and Sansom. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity: I’m teaming up with my buddy Brian who runs Phillies Nation and several of his friends, and we’re kicking things off in the ultimate trial by fire…we’re taking over the store on Black Friday. Yeah, it’s going to be complete madness, and there is a decent chance of a train wreck. But since train wrecks are more fun for you, the customer, why not stop by?

Ultimately, we want to build a sports shop that is unlike anything seen in the city. We’ve got some pretty exciting ideas that I will be bombarding you with over the coming months. But in the meantime, our Black Friday sale will include free Phillies stickers, and $50 will get you a $60 gift card, and $100 will get you a $125 gift card. And yeah, I’ll be around for at least part of the day. So come on by and hang out and check out some cool Phillies gear. See ya there!

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