Final JGTAI Standings


Here ya go. Our final scores after 8 weeks. Savage Ear gets the regular season win. Teams in blue are eligible for bonus prize. Teams in red also make the cut. Teams in green are on the bubble: if teams ahead of them cannot make it on Sunday, they will get the invite. Invites will go out tomorrow for the event, which will take place this Sunday at the City Tap House at 6 p.m.

If you didn’t make the cut, fear not. This is wild card week. Any team that wins this week earns an automatic invite. So I’m saying there’s a chance.

Savage Ear 45
Blazing Sea Nuggets 37
Underground Bard 36
L Ron Hubbard 35
Jesters of Tortuga 35
Inkspot 33
Mapother 31
Duane’s World 30
Careless Fister 28
Ruby Tuesdays 27
Hooter and Chuff 26
Sidecardigans 22
Popesack 21
Tempura House 21
Synchronized Trampoline 19
Exhausted Nihilists 19
Finish 4th 18
Why Can’t Us 17
Always Fifth 17
The Champs 15
#2ndplace 15


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