Quizzo News and Notes

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  • A lot of cool stuff going on right now to tell you youngsters about. First of all, we’re going to be doing an all-Philly quizzo at an awesome venue in a couple of weeks. We’re headed to the Fleisher Institute (7th and Catherine) on October 25th to have an all-Philly quiz. Such a cool venue, I’m excited to do a gig there. I’ll have more details in the coming days.
  • The picture above was a magazine given to me by quizzo regular Susana this week. How awesome is that thing? Good Time Books were writing the world’s best quizzes back in the 1940s. It’s obvious that the Good Time name is just a great American tradition when it comes to trivia.
  • I am absolutely heartbroken about this…an employee at Public House was murdered last week. His name was Jose Aparicio, and he worked 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, sacrificing his own life so that his children could have a better one. And some piece of human garbage killed him a couple of weeks ago. His family is trying to raise money so that his body can be returned to Mexico for a proper funeral. I think we should all chip in a few dollars next week at quizzo to try to ease a bit of the financial burden as his family deals with this heartbreak. So Quizzo for the Cause is on for next week. What ever you can donate, 100% of donations will go to Aparicio’s family. If you can not make it to quizzo, you can donate by clicking here.
  • Quizzo Bowl venue is ALMOST a done deal. Hoping to release info at the October 25th quizzo. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone, and I’ll see ya next week! (And yes, I will be quizzing on Columbus Day.)

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