Geek Week Continues as Jo Pincushion to Host a Round Tonight at Industry!

Jo Pincushion, regular contributor at Geekadelphia and host of “Creepy Basement” (above. Us basement-show hosting types stick together) will be hosting a round for horror film geeks tonight at Industry. Pincushion is not only a fan of horror films, she’s also an instructor. You wanna learn more about the horror genre? Check out her class on October 28th in Radnor.

As for tonight’s quiz, you can expect plenty of geekiness, both in horror and in video games, comic books, and computers. Action starts at 6:30, and it’s a DOUBLE POINTS WEEK AT INDUSTRY. 10 points for the winner, with different winners almost every week. Great chance to get on the board in the JGTAI, and $3 craft beers and $8 burgers (with fries).

On to the Bards at 9 p.m. where I will give a $20 bonus to any team that can beat the Jesters of Tortuga, in addition to the $40 gift certificate. So if you can knock off those bastards, you can earn $60 in prizes. Well worth the shot. And $3 Lagers. See ya tonight!

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