Week in Review


With Labor Day on Monday and then Jewish Labor Day on Wednesday, we were a bit slow this week. But though the crowds weren’t out of control, the results were. Switching back to the 4-round quiz for the latter half of the week really made for some thrilling quizzo, as we had not one but two 15 point comebacks in the final round this week. We’ve never had two comebacks that big in one week ever in JGT quizzo history. The Synchronized Trampoline, who seem to establishing themselves as the hot new team on the block, made a spectacular comeback at the Vous, while Sharktoberfest made their mark at Industry.

The week started with our only real blowout, an easy Inkspot win at North Star. It was nice to have Always Finish 4th back in the building after a summer off.

Also nice to see was the Sidecardigans getting back on their game with a win at the Sidecar.

When Hooter and Chuff brings their A-game, they really come to play, scoring an impressive 117 at O’Neals and leaving the mighty Savage Ear in their wake.

Screw the Jesters of Tortuga.

A happy send off for Woody at the Black Sheep, as the Blazing Sea Nuggets won in Double OT over Jitney Spears, and Duane’s World learned that they needed to start adding bacon to their Elvis sandwiches.

Gonna be interesting to see how the JGT Power Rankings look after a week in which the Jams, Savage Ear, and Duane’s World all went down.

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