New Twists to This Season’s Invitational


A few new twists on the Autumn Invitational. First of all, there will be a DOUBLE POINTS QUIZ each week. This week it will be at Industry. Team that wins there will get 10 points, 2nd place 6 points, and 3rd place 2 points, twice as much as the regular quiz.

There will also be a lot more opportunities to earn points outside of the regular quiz. I will have a QUESTION OF THE DAY each day on twitter and on facebook, Monday-Friday. First person to answer on facebook and on twitter (different question on each) earns their team 2 points. Just post your team name next to your answer.

Speaking of facebook and twitter, anyone who posts a tweet or a wall post on facebook about my quiz will earn their team a point, for up to 5 points per week. Or you can earn a point if you take a picture at one of my quizzes and post it on Instagram. Just use the hastag #JGTquizzo or you can use my handle @johnnygoodtimes and then talk about the quiz. You can talk about the questions. You can talk about how your team did. You can tell everyone that “The @johnnygoodtimes quizzo gave me a nasty rash”. I don’t care what you post. But if it has to do with the quizzo, you will earn your team a point.

The team that collects the most points, between physical challenges, questions of the day, and my shameless marketing ploy above will earn a BITCHIN’ prize at the Invitational. I haven’t decided on what it is yet, only that it’s BITCHIN’.

There are also a couple of special quizzes in the works. Any team that wins a special quiz (other than the Jesters of Tortuga, who are currently on probation) will automatically earn an invite to the Big Event in November. The first one is this Saturday at the Navy Yard.

Oh, and the first physical challenge and question of the day have been posted on facebook, and I’ve asked what what themes you guys wanna see for the next few weeks.


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