JGTAI Standings After One Week


Here’s the scores after Week 1. Interesting what a difference these new wrinkles made in the scoring. The Savage Ear combined a win at O’Neals with 3 questions of the day on twitter to take the lead with 11 points. Meanwhile, Synchronized Trampoline was the only team to take advantage of the free point for tweeting or facebooking about JGT quizzo (If you’re gonna play the quiz, or you just played the quiz, mention it on facebook or twitter with either my name tagged or the hashtag #jgtquizzo to earn your team an easy point). And nobody took advantage of the Physical Challenge (Post a picture of you bowling) We’ll keep that as the physical challenge for this week. There are plenty of points out there for the taking. Your team just needs to take advantage.

And congrats to the Cracked Eggheads….they won the first invite to the Autumn Invitational with a win at the PHS quiz.

There are THREE DOUBLE POINTS QUIZZES this week. North Star tonight, O’Neals on Tuesday, and Industry on Thursday. It’s the only time all season we’ll have three in one week. So three shots to score big points early in the season. Get your team right and let’s do this.


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