JGT Power Rankings


As we head into Fall, things on the JGT Power Rankings are pretty wide open. Lots of upsets and good new teams lately.

1. Jesters of Tortuga. A 2nd place finish at the JGTSI followed by a 2nd place finish at CTH. Hold onto the top rank thanks to a Duane’s World loss and an idle Popesack. Also maintain top spot in “Scourge of Humanity” rankings.

2. Popesack. A huge win at the Invitational, and would have been easy to take the top spot with the loss JoT sported last week, but didn’t follow up with a regulation appearance.

3. Underground Bard. Set a new JGT quizzo record with a 130 to propel themselves up the charts.

4. Duane’s World. Also had a shot at the top spot, but an upset loss to the Missing Heads has catastrophic consequences.

5. The Savage Ear. After a prolonged slump, get back on top at O’Neals this past week. Can they get the ball rolling again, or have they passed their prime?

6. Missing Heads. This is where the standings get a bit murky, but any team that goes into the Black Sheep and knocks off Duane’s World has to get props.

7. 300,000 Twerks Per Minute. A Sidecardigan offshoot wins big at Sidecar this past week. Is this a flash in the pan or the team to fill the power vacuum at the Car?

8. The Jams. Only two wins in the past six weeks have the Jams tumbling from the top.

9. Inkspot. An impressive 4th place finish at the Invitational puts the quizzo world on notice, but they fail to capitalize the next night at North Star.

10. Synchronized Trampoline. Won at the Vous last week, then was in the mix after 4 rounds at the Invitational with only 3 players. A DNP this past week at the Vous keeps them from moving up further, but certainly have seem to have the talent to be a top 5 team.


12. Twerkman’s Comp.

13. Hooter and Chuff.

14. Kitty Bombardment.

15. Mapother.

16. Jitney Spears. 

17. L. Ron Hubbard.

18. Blazing Sea Nuggets.

19. Exhausted Nihilists.

20. Ghoul McLanahan.

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