Bards Quiz Moved to Wednesday…Can You Win Two Quizzes in One Night?


Tripleheader time on Wednesday! Yep, the friggin Eagles and I are in the midst of a major rivalry. First they screw up quizzo last Monday, now their doing the same this Thursday. It’s obvious they are trying to run me out of business so they have one less corporation to compete for your entertainment dollars with.

But I saw that blitz coming and completed a short screen pass into the flat (terrible analogy): We’re gonna do the Bards quiz on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Which is awesome. Why is it awesome? It’s awesome because Wednesday nights at the Bards are freaking incredible. Almost of of their craft beers are $4. If you love a good beer and a good quiz, be there on Wednesday.

And I’m gonna mix the quizzes up on Wednesday…gonna do the early week quiz at Vous and Black Sheep, and a new quiz at Bards, so if you are feeling wild and crazy, you can play two quizzes in the same night. In fact, if you win two quizzes in the same night, you will earn an automatic invite to the Invitational!*

*Offer does not apply to Jesters of Tortuga, who are currently on probation due to last week’s egregious display of power.

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