Quizzo News and Notes

First of all, want to wish happy trails to one of my favorite people on the quizzo circuit. Skins has been a member of the Sidecardigans since day one. One of the friendliest and most creative people in Philadelphia, and I’m honored to call him a friend. I’m sorry to see him go, but I wish he and his wife the best of luck in Florida.

I wrote a piece on Phillies Nation about the 5 worst trades in Phillies history.

Remember, there is a physical challenge on Facebook for teams wanting to earn points for the invitational. There is also a poll to see how much you guys liked the format this past week.

Happy birthday Koob! The Jester of Tortuga who performs a mean “Juicy” by Biggie turned 37 Thursday.

Happy 10th anniversary to BJ and Laurie! They started playing my quiz shortly before their marriage and still occasionally make it out, now with their daughter Lucy. Two awesome people, and incredibly smart to boot. They finished 2nd last night as a 2-player team.

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