Popesack Fights Off Injuries to Win the Summer Invitational for 2nd Straight Year


The Popesack team took a tough shot when they found out that D-Mac had hurt his ankle running and wouldn’t be able to attend the Summer Invite. But they were able to fight through the ensuing adversity and hold off the Jesters of Tortuga, 156-155, in a thriller on a beautiful outdoor evening at the City Tap House.

The night kicked off with a hip hop medley from JGT including Ice Ice Baby and the Humpty Dance, and went straight uphill from there. The band, O-20, was tremendous, rocking out 90s hit after 90s hit. After two rounds, the competition was extremely even, but the wheat started to separate from the chaff during round 3 (The Obsolete Technology Round) and then we were on to the “Instant Classic Round”, Round Four, where Johnny rapped the lyrics to classic rock songs and hits of the 2000s, all with the live instrumental of “Paid in Full” by Eric B. and Rakim playing in the background.

After 4 rounds, there were really only four teams in the running…Popesack, the Jesters, Jitney Spears, and Duane’s World. In the final round, Popesack and the Jesters both went perfect, while Duane’s World finished in 3rd. Jitney Spears fell short in their quest for a monumental upset. The rest of the rankings are below. Thanks everybody for coming out, and I hope you guys had a good time!

  1. Popesack 156
  2. Jesters of Tortuga 155
  3. Duane’s World 136
  4. Inkspot 133
  5. Hooter and Chuff 133
  6. Mapother 129
  7. Jitney Spears 124
  8. Synchronized Trampoline 120
  9. Exhausted Nihilists 119
  10. Ghoul Mclanahan 118
  11. Blazing Sea Nuggets 107
  12. Tempura Shack 91


One thought on “Popesack Fights Off Injuries to Win the Summer Invitational for 2nd Straight Year

  1. It would appear, Johnny, that there were FOUR teams in the running after 4 rounds, if your commentary is to be believed. And I believe that my superior mathematics entitles my team to a post-Invitational bonus of 66 points.

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