Philly Week at Quizzo


I’m teaming up with Historic Philadelphia Incorporated this week to add a little intrigue to this week’s quiz. I’m going to be using some questions their historians have provided for the Wild Card Round, and I’m gonna have tickets to all sorts of fun stuff to give away, from the Betsy Ross House to the Franklin Square Mini golf.

Action starts tonight at North Star at 7 p.m. Can you knock off Careless Fister and Inkspot, both of whom acquitted themselves quite nicely at last night’s quiz? On to Sidecar at 9:30. With the Sidecardigans in disarray since Skins left, things there are now wide open. Lots of giveaways tonight. I’ll also have some t-shirts to give away from the upcoming show Million Second Challenge. Hope to see ya at the quiz!

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