This is Pretty Much the Funnest Thing Ever and You Should Be There

I’m not even posting this as a promotional plug. I’m posting it as a public service announcement. We’ve now done two of these, and they are honestly two of the most hilariously fun events I have ever been a part of. I’ve had numerous people tell me afterwards ┬áthat this was one of the greatest events they’ve ever taken part in. We combine great beer at a great price, team competition, water ballons, music and karaoke to put together one of the most awesome competitions you have ever competed in. Seriously, do not miss this event. It is such an incredibly good time, and it’s totally free to play. It’s teams of 4. And you are gonna love it. Guaranteed. Just get your team together and shoot Jess an email at to sign your team up. We have 7 teams signed up so far and are gonna take a total of 16.

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