Miserable Log in His 30s to Host Quizzo Tonight

The critics have not been kind to Johnny Goodtimes lately, especially Adam P. (above), in this review on Yelp.

First off, the website lists that it starts at 10pm (which I even called to confirm). The host didn’t show up until 10:40, which according to our waitress, is the new standard this summer. And as it turns out, Johnny ‘Goodtimes’ is actually a miserable guy in his 30s with the personality and emceeing skills of a log.

It doesn’t end there. Trippindicular on reddit states, I’ve done Johnny Goodtimes quizzo and hated it. Too may people, he was trying to talk over people, and too much time between rounds.

Behindtheaegis confirms. Johnny Goodtimes is the worst.

So if you’re looking for a quizmaster who shows up late, takes forever between rounds, and has the personality of a log, you should be at the Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m.! (Roughly. Apparently there is a new standard this summer), where your log-like quizmaster will probably spend most of his time trying to talk over you. If you are interested in having a “Goodtime” tonight, might I suggest the Black Sheep at 8 p.m.? (I’d call ahead to confirm that 8 p.m. time, though LORD KNOWS what time he’ll actually show.) Expect tonight’s wild card round to have something to do with “logs”. It’ll be the worst.

4 thoughts on “Miserable Log in His 30s to Host Quizzo Tonight

  1. How dare a quiz host talk over a genius like this with questions. when his pithy comments are the real reason everyone was there

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