JGT Power Rankings

#1. Jesters of Tortuga (City Tap). Ugh. Last week: #1

#2. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Total domination at the Sheep. 8 wins in the last 10 weeks has them in the drivers seat at #2. Last week: #2

#3. Savage Ear (O’Neals). 3 wins in the past 4 weeks keeps them nipping and Duane’s Worlds toes. Last week: #3

#4. Careless Fister (North Star). Dominate at the North Star…when they show. This team has the talent to make a run at the top. But do they have the heart? Last week: #8

#5. Underground Bard (CTH). Another week, another one question loss to the Jesters. last week: #4

#6. Sons of Oligarchy (Sidecar). A 115 at the Sidecar means these oligarchs are cooking with oil. Last week: NR

#7. Happy Birthday to the Ground (Locust Rendezvous). Make the pilgrimage from their former haunt (North Star) into Center City, where they knock off the Jams and the Diabetics. Huge win for the Ground. Last week: NR

#8. Sidecardigans. (Sidecar) An emotional roller coaster for the Sidecardigans right now, as the Skins farewell tour begins. A respectable 103 still lands them in 2nd last week. Can they send Skins out with a win tonight? Last week: #6

#9. The Jams. (Locust Rendezvous) Something you almost never see at the Vous last week…the Jams finishing out of medal contention. Can they bounce back? Last week: #5

T-#10. Popesack (Industry) Get a win at Industry. Can these former Invitational winners get on a roll and earn an invite this season? Last week: #19

T-#10.┬áInkspot (North Star). Tough when you score a 107 and still finish 2nd. They are so close to Careless Fister, but can’t quite get over the hump. Last week: #9

12. Hooter and Chuff.

13. Exhausted Nihilists.

14. Tempura House.

15. L. Ron’s Diabetics.

16. Ghoul McLanahan.

17. Hindi Beatles.

18. Jitney Spears.

19. Ruby Tuesday.

20. Sex Bob-omb.

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