JGT Power Rankings

These do not include Monday night’s contests. Picture above is one I took last week that for some reason cracked me up. Follow me on Instagram @johnnygoodtimes.

1. Jesters of Tortuga. They lose a controversial one at City Tap, then cruise at Bards on Thursday to hold on to the top spot. But the next two teams are starting to breathe down their necks.

T-2. Savage Ear (O’Neals). 121 points last week at O’Neals. 3 wins in last 4 weeks. Really making a serious run for the top spot. Can they keep this hot streak going? Last week: #3

T-2. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Fight off the elements to secure a hard fought win at Black Sheep and keep at least a tie on the #2 spot. Last week: #2

4. Careless Fister (North Star). Another week, another win at North Star. 4 wins in the past 5 weeks. This team is on fire. (However, a no-show at the Star last night is bound to hurt them unless they show up elsewhere later this week). Last week: #5

5. Underground Bard (City Tap). Knocking off the #1 team on the circuit is sure to boost any team up the rankings, and no exceptions this week, controversy or no. Last week: #11

6. The Jams (Vous). Playing with a skeleton crew this past week, they take it on the chin, and leave their fans wondering, “Where in the hell is Jam Master Phil? And why hasn’t Darth Ern called Johnny a ‘shitbird’ in over a month now?” Last week: #4

7. Sidecardigans (Sidecar). Finally make a move back into the top 10 after last week’s win at Sidecar. And after, SPOILER ALERT, a win again last night you have to think they’ll continue to climb the charts. Last week: #16

8. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics (Vous). Yeah, they got a big win last week. They tend to do that from time to time. But something is missing. This team used to have a heart the size of…that…giant…heart at the Franklin Institute. But lately, they seem to just throw things together when they need a quick pick me up and then disappear for a few weeks to their “lives”. Nothing kills a quizzo team quicker than “getting a life”. Why do you think the Jesters or Tortuga have been so succesful for so long? Last week: NR

9. Ghoul McLanahan (Industry). While no team has come to dominate the Industry yet in the few months we’ve been there, the team formerly known as Hobo Cop has certainly staked a claim. Can they go on a run and make it undisputed? Last week: NR

10. Exhausted Nihilists (O’Neals). As a former Invitational winner, this is a team we know can get hot in a hurry. They just haven’t done it yet this season. Could this be their week? Last week: #9

11. Minge

12. Ruby Tuesday.

13. Popesack.

14. Tempura House.

15. Inkspot.

16. Why Can’t Us.

17. No-One Walks Alone.

18. Mr. September.

19. Australian Beatles.

20. Specific Jawns.


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