JGT Power Rankings

No scoreboard quite yet for the JGTSI (We’ll post one next week.) In the meantime, here are your JGT Power rankings. Still wide open starting at the #3 spot.

1. Jesters of Tortuga (CTH). Finally move into the top spot with a win over Duane’s World at the Black Sheep on Wednesday. On the bright side, we didn’t have to deal with them at the Bards on Thursday. Last week: #2

2. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Tough loss at home drops them a spot in the rankings. Last week: #1

3. The Jams (Locust Rendezvous). A 2nd place finish at the Vous, coupled with mostly new teams earning Ws this week, edges the Jams back up into third, though they hang there precariously.

4. We Got Nothin’/Savage Ear (O’Neals). A tie for 2nd at O’Neals keeps them in the Top 5.

5. Exhausted Nihilists (Rendezvous). A win over the Jams at the Vous launches the Nihilists into the Top 5. Last week: #11

6.Specific Jawns (Bards). Celebrate Pat’s departure with a big win at Bards. Last week: NR

7. South East (Sidecar). These guys bounce between Sidecar and Bards, and are always in the mix at both. This week, they recorded a 45, our 2nd highest score.  Last week: NR

8. Underground Bard (CTH). Their frustration at City Tap continues, as they tie the Jesters for first, but lose in OT. Last week: #9

9. Feeder Secretaries (O’Neals). An all-new team brashly walks into an O’Neals packed with wily vets like Hooter and Chuff, We Got Nothin’, and  Mapother. We’ve seen a few one-hit wonders come and go lately. Will this be another, or do we have a new contender on the scene? Last week: NR

T-10. Inkspot (North Star). A one-point win over the Stillmaniacs gets the Inkspots outta the teens and into the Top 10. Last week: #14

T-10. Sharktoberfest (Industry). About damn time do they show up at Industry. And whattya know? They come away with a win on the strength of Jen’s literature knowledge! Last week: NR

12. Tempura House.

13. Penis Penis Vagina Butts.

14. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics.

15. Why Can’t Us?

16. Hooter and Chuff.

17. Careless Fister

18. New and Improved Team Name.

19. Sidecardigans.

20. Formerly Known as School District Employees.

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