New Questions Posted For Next Week’s Quiz

There’s a new batch of questions on Facebook I need your answers for for next week’s quiz. Starting to write the quiz now. Gonna be pretty wild. Think we’re gonna go with the old fashioned “Joker” rules next week, with 10 questions per topic. I suppose you could study, but there are several hundred responses and only 40 questions, so that would make you crazy. And since I know some of you are Luddites and want to see the questions here on the site, I will oblige. Feel free to shoot me your answers at johnny @

Other than pets, what is your favorite type of animal?

Where did you attend college?

If you could have dinner with 3 famous people, living or dead, who would they be?

Who are your 3 favorite authors of all time?

Who are the two sexiest celebrities on earth?

Who is your favorite journalist?

What city or country have you visited that you would never ever want to live?

What athlete (past or present) do you despise the most?

What were the 3 worst movies of the 1990s?

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