JGT Power Rankings for June 3rd

1. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Two straight wins to follow up their Invitational victory keeps them in the top spot. Last week: #1

2. Jesters of Tortuga (Bards/CTH) Can we talk for a minute about how annoying this team name is? While Steak Em Up was quick and concise, this comes off the tongue completely awkwardly. Also they won twice last week. Last week: #2

3. The Jams (Rendezvous). Two in a row at the Vous keeps them in the three-hole, poised for one of the top 2 to fall. Last week: #3

4. Sidecardigans (Sidecar). Three wins in the past four weeks at the Sidecar gets them back in the top 5. And if we ever do a power rankings for what team drinks the most whiskey, they will dominate. Last week: #9.

5. No Names (O’Neals/Industry) A win at Industry two weeks ago followed up by a win at O’Neals this past week rockets them up the charts. And as soon as Molly puts my “Big News” in her gossip column, they’ll probably climb even higher. Last week: #13

6. Hobo Cops (Industry). The Hobo Cops, formerly Top Hat Fancy, climb into the Top 10 with an impressive come from behind win at the Industry. Last week: NR

7. Underground Bard (City Tap House). A 106 would win at a lot of bars. But not at City Tap House when Jesters of Tortuga are there. Have I mentioned what a dumb name Jesters of Tortuga is? Last week: #5

8. Exhausted Nihilists (O’Neals). A one point loss at Sidecar keeps them locked into the #8 spot. Last week: #8

9. Always Finish 4th (North Star). After a recent hot run, they seem to be returning to part of the field where they are most comfortable, with a 3rd place finish this past week. CORRECTION: They won a tie-breaker for 2nd this past week. JGT, Inc. regrets this horrible error and the organization has put in place several safeguards and hired two new “Fact-checkers” to make sure no team has to go through what Always Finish 4th went through today. Just tragic. Last week: #4

10. Ink Spots. (North Star) Two wins in the past 5 weeks, including one last week, propel them into the Top 10. Last week: NR

11. Electric Mayhem (Locust Rendezvous)

12. Jitney Spearks (Black Sheep)

13.We Got Nothin (O’Neals)

14. Tempura House (Sidecar)

15. Specific Jawns (Bards)

16. Blazing Sea Nuggets (Black Sheep)

17. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics (Industry)

18. Mysterious Mr. Mapother (O’Neals)

19. Nine Inches Limp (Industry)

20. 1022 (Rendezvous)

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