All New Quizzo Tonight

Last night was a wild. A real battle of the heavyweights last night at O’Neals, as we had four top 20 teams in attendance, and a huge win by Savage Ear. The outdoor quiz at City Tap was great, and Jesters of Tortuga missed a no-hitter by one question, about a Saint dog. And so tonight, we kick off an all-new quiz, starting at the Rendezvous at 6:15, where you could certainly make some waves by beating the #3 ranked team in the JGT Rankings, The Jams. $3 Yards Brawlers.

At Black Sheep at 8 p.m., things have been a bit quiet the past few weeks, despite the fact that there is an opportunity for you to knock off the #1 ranked team in quizzo, Duane’s World. In addition to the regular quiz, I’ve been tacking on some “Name That Tunes” lately, and it’s been a pretty big hit. I’ll be doing it again tonight at Sheep. Hope to see you there. If you don’t make it, A-Rod (above) will be so disappointed. (And keep in mind, Industry is cancelled for Thursday, so feel free to come out tonight if you’re a regular there.)

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