JGTSpI Scores Heading into Our Final Week

Here we go! Last week of the JGTSpI, and plenty of plot lines developing. Here are the current scores. While at least one of our bubble teams should get in, I’m not sure how many more than that will make the cut. Most of the teams currently in the Top 18 attend the invitationals. So teams like Tempura House, Ruby Tuesdays, Top Hat Fancy, Always Finish 4th, Savage Ear, really need to bring their A-games this week. Of course, if you’re really trying to earn an invite, there is a new physical challenge posted on facebook. And Madame Butterface is currently in position to earn an invite simply by scoring physical challenge points, so those points really do add up, and could mean the difference between making the cut and staying home next Sunday. Topic this week is MUSIC.

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