Final JGTSpI Scores

Here they are, the final scores after 9 tough weeks of quizzo. Team in the yellow made the cut, and will be eligible for a bonus prize. Teams in green made the cut. Team in orange are on the bubble. If any teams ahead of you cannot live up to their duties as Spring Invitational Invitees, then you will be selected. I’ll be sending invites out this weekend.

Teams in the blue…you are not finished yet. Next week is wild card week. Teams that win a quiz next week will be eligible to join in as wild card teams. So I’m tellin ya there’s a chance! I’m also giving a wild card entry for best team name next week. We’ll vote on it next Friday to determine who gets the invite.

The event itself will be at City Tap House at 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 19th. There will be lots of prizes and live music. It’s $10 a pop and is always a ton of fun. Andy is gonna throw us some great food and drink specials, and if the weather is nice we’re doing it outdoors.

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