Entertaining at PIFA, Next Week’s Topic, Upcoming Arrested Development Quiz

Hey kids, a few exciting things coming up. First of all, I’ll be hosting some face-off Philly trivia on Broad Street on Saturday from 2-5 p.m. as part of the PIFA street fair. Come on by. It’s gonna be a fun event, with all sorts of crazy stuff going on all over Broad Street. And anyone that comes and plays will earn a point in the JGTSpI.

Some people loved the Literature Week. Others, not so much. Well, now’s your chance to decide what next week’s topic will be. Go here to rock the vote. Right now, Myths, Monsters, and Legends has the lead.

To celebrate the upcoming release of a new Arrested Development season, gonna be hosting an Arrested Development quiz at Trestle Inn on May 12th. Details coming soon.

JGTSpI scores will be posted over the weekend. For now, I have to prepare for tomorrow’s Little League basketball championship!

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