Bracket-tacular Breakdown

Ok, so we’re down to the Final Four, and we’ve got several different people who can win this thing. Let’s check out our leaders, and our possible scenarios (If you want to check scenarios for yourself go to the link above and click on scenario generator). Long story short…if anyone but Louisville wins the championship, Aaron Hertzog wins the title. No-one in our bracket had Syracuse, Michigan, or Wichita State winning it all. However, if Louisville beats Syracuse, then Jon Billet will win. And if Louisville beats Michigan, Nate from Steak Em Up will win. Needless to say, no-one wants to see the latter happen.

50th place is a little more wide open. Pretty much any way it shakes down is gonna result in a tie between two or more teams, so it will then come down to total points in the championship game.

As for last, I’m disappointed to say, I am doomed to 82nd out of 89, no matter what happens. You’d have thought it would have been tough to do worse than a guy who had THREE Final Four teams lose in the first round of the tourney. But no. Hyper CVAd somehow only picked one of the Final 8, and gets a hard earned last place finish.

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