Couples Quiz on Sunday

I’ve heard it for years…”We would have won if you had taken team size into account.” Well, now we are. This Sunday, we’re doing a couples quiz. While I certainly want to encourage couples to play, because I think it’s a pretty fun idea, but I won’t be too strict on the concept. If you want to pass yourselves off as being on a first date, I’ll probably fall for it. That said, the team max is an absolute 2.

Action starts at 6 p.m. at the Trestle Inn (11th and Callowhill). We’ll have $4 Tully drinks, and I suspect there will be a question or two on Ireland since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, though it will not be all Irish themed. There will also be $4 Tully drinks. I am encouraging everyone to wear green. And yes, the winners will earn their full team some invitational points. See ya there Sunday night!

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