Billet a Victory leads Bracekttacular

Jon Billett has filled out a damn impressive bracket, and after the first two rounds, has all 4 of his Final Four remaining (Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas, and Syracuse) and Louisville winning the title. Awesome Bracket Great Job is in 2nd, and also has Louisville. In 3rd is Road Warrior, who correctly predicted LaSalle in the Sweet 16. He should get some extra points for that. But he won’t. He also has Louisville winning it all. The highest place without Louisville is Aaron Hertzog, who is in 5th place and has Ohio State winning it all.

If you scroll down a ways, you’ll find me sharing space with Palestra Jon and “bitches only” for 78th place. But I certainly have the inside track on finishing 89th and last. You see, no-one else in the brackets that I am aware of had 3 (Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, and Georgetown) of their Final Four teams not win a single game. I should be careening to the bottom of these standings in no time. The only person I see competing with me for last is “The Game With the Hoop, Right?” who had Temple winning it all and only picked 5 of the Sweet 16 teams. That’s going to be tough for me to overcome. But I am not giving up hope. If Duke and Kansas both make the final Four, while my last entry (Miami) loses soon, I think I can still get last.

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