Quizzo Bowl News and Notes

Ok, so we’re headed down the home stretch here. Things are actually moving along pretty well. A couple of quick things to report. We are sold out. Boom. Done and done. As for the show itself a few reminders:

We will be giving away a sweet prize for best 80s outfits.

You can get an idea of what Quizzo Bowl is like by checking out these great photos of last year’s Quizzo Bowl taken by DJ Starr, who will be doing photos again this year.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Want to start the show on time, so please try to be there as close to 8 as possible, especially if you’re a small group we’re going to be teaming up with larger groups.

Gonna have some pretty bitchin’ JGT shirts to sell and give away tomorrow. They were designed by Steve on the Sidecardigans. Really excited about them. But here’s the deal: if you buy one (they’ll be a remarkable reasonable $15), you’ll have to agree to wear them at some point in front of a national monument, icon, or foreign country and post the picture to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Yeah, of course that’s completely ridiculous. That’s why I’m doing it.

It’s first come, first serve on tables. So the closer to 8 p.m. you get there, the better your odds of getting a prime seat.

If you even think about pulling out a cell phone for any reason during this quiz, I have instructed my proctors to beat the everliving shit out of you. I mean, savagely. Just a friendly reminder. (You are welcome to use your cell phone after you have handed your paper in.)

If you are going to be tweeting about the event before, during, or after the quiz (BETWEEN ROUNDS ONLY, OF COURSE), please use the hash tag #quizzobowl.

The show will probably run until about midnight. Yeah, I know it’s a late night for you geezers (Anthrax Ames, looking at you). But it’s going to be action packed the entire time. A great band, a lot of goofiness, and a few surprises. So relax and enjoy it. It’s Saturday night. You can sleep in on Sunday. You’ll be fine.

If we’ve got any true party people out there, we’re gonna be headed over to City Tap House after the quiz for the afterparty. Andy is gonna hook us up with $4 craft beers.

The Geeks Who Drink (the corporate crowd) will be rolling in from all over. We’ve got players coming in from as far away as Seattle for this event, and will have a couple of players driving here from Austin.

And please, for the love of Almighty God, somebody beat Sofa Kingdom.

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